Corporate Social Responsibility

At Maisha Medical Supplies, corporate social responsibility remains an integral part of our commercial philosophy because we understand the vital link between good corporate social responsibility and good business. Our approach ensures that our business practices are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable across the Group.

The social responsibilities committee, reviews and advises the Board on the Group’s policies and practices in the area of corporate social responsibility, including issues related to the environment, health and safety, diversity and equal opportunities, race relations, employment of people with disabilities, charitable giving and ethical matters, and the Group’s values and standards.

Our business activities are focused on improving the health and wellbeing of the local communities we serve. Corporate social responsibility forms a natural part of the Group’s business culture and we are proud of our high standards and achievements in this area.

We monitor our activities and progress through a corporate social responsibility scorecard, which is segmented into four areas: community; environment; marketplace; and workplace. In each of these areas, our businesses have key objectives and priorities which are embedded into the daily activities of our people, who understand the importance of the corporate social responsibility agenda.

Caring for our communities, our customers, patients and colleagues is, quite simply, at the heart of which we are and what we do – making a sustainable difference every day.